Eisenhower Parkway: South End

The second part of our adventure focuses on one of the most cryogenically preserved (or, in Layman's terms, ready to open if paved and resurfaced) ghost interchanges in NJ, or perhaps the USA. I won't reveal the secrets on how to get there, but you can judge for yourself using this, or just look at the interchange here.

The bridge connecting normal society to our ghost interchange.

The first proof that you're not just in the forest: a sewer.

A few feet past the sewer and you see what was supposed to be the Eisenhower Parkway going NB.

Just like the above, the loop going from SB to NB is heavily puddled.

Approaching the NB-EB ramp.

The ramp approaching NJ 24. Just in case you doubt this is really for a highway...

... then feast your eyes upon some original curbing and median.

Two photos of the EB-NB loop ramp.

Here's where the EB-NB loop ramp connects to the Eisenhower Parkway.

And finally... oh my god.... here it is....

The Abandoned OverpassTM.

NJ 24 from the NB and SB sides (respectively) of the overpass.

The NB pavement ends.

What seems to be either an ATV trail or the ramp from Hell.

The NB-WB loop ramp...

...and the WB-SB loop ramp.

Where the SB pavement begins.

One final look down the abandoned road to nowhere. Click for some fencing.

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Just a little photo of the Exit 7 LGS on NJ 24 EB. Hey, not many people can say they've photographed a sign on a highway they've never traveled on, which I haven't.