The Built Eisenhower Parkway
And finally, the portion of the Eisenhower Parkway that was actually built, running from an empty office park/IH 280 in Roseland to CR 510 in South Orange. The whole mainframe can be viewed here.

Eisenhower Parkway NB

Approaching South Orange Avenue (CR 510) from Passaic Ave in Livingston (the direction of the Abandoned Overpass).

The intersection of Eisenhower and South Orange Ave, from CR 510 WB.

The sign you see approaching Eisenhower. The Parkway is Essex CR 609, which is demeaning if you ask me.

Two views of the Livingston Mall access roads. IMO it would be easy to make this grade-seperated.

Dellmead Rd. at-grade.

A CR...617? shield hidden beneath the trees, and an IH 280 sign. I believe this is near Walnut St.

My last fact is supported by this photo, of the Walnut St intersection. Walnut St is actually a good bypass of the Livingston Mall, which gets crowded a lot.

Another at-grade, this time at Westgate Road.

A somewhat blurry and erroneous sign. How many times can NJ make this error: if it's a junction, you don't need an arrow.

Here's the NJ 10 intersection. As for making this grade-seperated... it's pretty screwed up as it is, so I'm not really sure.

A few signs at the Beaufort Ave Intersection.

I thought about putting that re-sized sign under the u-turn sign, but decided not to.

The Dorsa/Naylon Ave intersection's various ramps and signs.

The actual intersection, with IH 280 sign.

Back to Beaufort Avenue.

A few signs approaching Eagle Rock Ave, and of course....

The traffic end of the Eisenhower Parkway. But wait, there's more...

Eisenhower Parkway SB

The Eisenhower Parkway crawls into life as it approaches IH 280. Here's the SB-WB ramp (click for a close up) and...

...the SB-EB ramp. Can I get a decel lane here or what?

A typical stretch of the Eisenhower Parkway. It looks like a freeway, but it isn't...

The Naylon Ave at-grade.

The NJ 10 intersection.

A few signs at above.

A few signs at Walnut St, and Walnut St itself.

And a few more signs at South Orange Ave.

Going straight past South Orange Ave brings you into the CIT organization. It's private, but I went in anyway. The alignment (and everything else) is pretty much original.

One last sign at the Livingston Mall. Even though this should have been before the first, this is where a lot of traffic is headed. Would you believe that? A once glorious road now brought down to local traffic. Such is the life of a cancelled highway.

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