Abandoned NJ 21 Exit 12 Ramp
NJ 21 in Passaic has a rather sad history. Because of opposition, NJ 21 stopped on Monroe St in Passaic in 1972 and didn't move until 2000, destroying a business. Anyway, on Monroe St. a barricaded pathway linking Monroe St. and an apartment building might just be the plan for an old ramp that was never constructed. You can view the aerial here. I took some photos.

The barricade. NJ 21 is to the top right.

Looking in from the barricade, we see a stone path.

Approaching the mid-section and end of the stub ramp. To the left of the black gate is...

....the entrance to the apartment building. This is in the vicinity of...

...the current Exit 12 ramp from NJ 21 NB.

One final photo, looking back on a questionable ramp to nearly nowhere.

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