Random Botany Village, NJ Signage

The Botany Village Plaza Access Road coming to Ackerman Ave. A quick right and left brings you to SR 21 NB, although it immediately merges into US 46. Going straight brings you into Clifton on CR 161.

From President Street, at the other Botany Village Plaza in Passaic. Turning right gets you to the former terminus, and going straight gets you to...

...here. Except, this is from the opposite side. This is the quite congested intersection and Parker Ave/Randolph Ave and Ackerman Ave from the SB side (Parker). FYI, Ackerman Ave goes into Garfield as Outwater Ln past SR 21.

The old route of Detour SR 21 (aka, this is where you should have gone straight two photos ago). You see, between 1970 and 2000, a vital section of SR 21 between Monroe St and US 46 in Paterson had not been legislated to be built because of environmental problems (the original routing carried over the Passaic River, crossing the Parkway and ending at IH 80, destroying 100 homes and businesses in the vicinity). Therefore, traffic exited onto a Monroe St feeder and then traveled to US 46 via Dayton and Randolph Avenues. For more information, check out these websites:

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