PA 402 Ends

PA 402 begins as a left turn from US 209 North. Or, click on the second photo for the reverse.

The real start of PA 402. After your turn left (or right) onto PA 402, you have to make another right to stay on it. Click here for the Google Maps view.

From Marshall's Creek Road.

From PA 402 SB, making it's last stretch golden. Well, not really.

US 209 & US 209 Business SB

What's wrong with this picture? 1. Directionals go below the shield, not above. 2. Shields do not go on overheads. 3. If you turn left, yes it does get you to IH 80, but it would be more useful to sign it as US 209.

Some LWS's that Pennsylvania loves.

US 209 Bus SB at PA 447. The two routes multiplex for all of 2 seconds, and PA 447 continues to meet US 209 and IH 80. Click for a dark picture of the end of the brief multiplex.

Various Photos

Old iron truss bridge in East Stroudsburg... anyone know where this is?

On East Brown St.

Whoops! Not in East Stroudsburg. Actually it's in the ITC in Netcong. Factoid: NJ 183 is old US 206 through Netcong and Stanhope.