US 9W in Newburgh

Apparently, NYDOT has to learn that, if you don't intersect the route marked "JCT", then it isn't a JCT. It should say, "JCT 32 TO 17K". The last sign (SB) demonstrates this. But that's just me nitpicking. Anyway, NY 32 and US 9W multiplex here for a little while. The fourth sign you see is the SB break-up.

The re-appearance of NYDOT's HUGE assemblies. Click on either sign for it's SB counterpart. Just so you know, this assembly is nearby the...

...Newburgh-Beacon Bridge! This bridge carries IH 84 and NY 52 over the Hudson River from Newburgh to Beacon, and ultimately Fishkill.

Bonus sign! From North (Plank) Road in Newburgh.

Misplaced sign! The SB split from US 9W to NY 94.