US 9W and NY 218

The first junction of NY 218 and US 9W going SB. For a better, more detailed page, click here.

US 9W has three grade-separated interchanges with local streets (Willow, Quaker, and Angola). They are very poorly signed (as seen in the latter photo) and design-flawed. The second, Quaker, is shown in the first photo. No BGS, indication of Quaker Road, or even an EXIT sign with an arrow.

The second interchange with NY 218, also featuring NY 293. NY 293 is a rather desolate highway going through the military academy nearby, providing a truck route for US 6.

The third and fourth (final) interchanges with NY 218. NY 218 from here goes from here to Highland Falls to US 9W again.

And finally, US 9W approaching the Bear Mountain Circle. I wanted to stop and take photos of the Bear Mountain Bridge, much like I did with the NBB up north, but I was pooped.