Sign for the Blue Heron Plaza, a small business complex near the Park and Ride.

View down Laddey Lane, the abandoned (for the most part) road that replaced the old Blue Heron Road.

Closeup of the end of Laddey Lane. When I came, a small truck was parked on the side of the road, perhaps to warn people of the stub ending.

Ever closer closeup of the end. In case you don't have a satellite image of the area, the reason Laddey Lane ends so close to the highway is because it was meant to be the NJ15 NB-Blue Heron Road EB ramp.

So close in fact, you can see the NJ15 freeway from the end of the stub.

Back on Blue Heron Road now, the pavement stub of the Blue Heron Road WB-NJ15 NB ramp.

Original curbing.

Original grading.

Not-so-original sign. I actually don't know where this is, but it's probably on Blue Heron Road. Somewhere.