PA 611 SB in Monroe County, PA

I belive that this is on PA 196 SB, but I could be wrong...

Here's an interesting assembly. I believe the first sign is on PA 196 SB, with PA 940 turning right. If you looked through your right window, you would see the assembly in the center, which is on PA 611 SB. The last is on PA 611 SB a little bit farther down, where PA 940 splits from it. If this is at all confusing, check the Google Maps view.

Two photos from the (very short) multiplex of PA 611 and PA 314.

A brief overview of the Exit 298 of IH 80 to PA 611 in Scotrun. PA 611 NB has no access to IH 80.

Although I turned right here, I presume that PA 715 multiplexes with PA 611 for a short time, like most routes. To the extreme left of the second sign, there is a "Welcome to Tannersville" board with a list of places to eat and stay, visible to drivers. It's hard to explain if you haven't seen it.

Three reasons for the above signs: continuity, Clearview (ick), and relatively low gas prices (surprisingly 5 cents lower than in NJ that day).

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