NJ 72 Freeway (Revolution Freeway)

Freeway Overview. The new freeway will run from the Garden State Parkway in Barnegat to NJ 70 in Pemberton.

Some freeways are unneeded. Some freeways bulldoze through homes and historic areas. Some freeways do both. This one, however, does not do either. The 25-mile Revolution Freeway (named because Barnegat was the site of one of the last battles in the American Revolution) connects Surf City and Barnegat with Camden and the surrounding area. Some may question, why not just use the AC Expressway or the existing road? Becuase they're both slow. The map isn't exactly to scale, but shows the basic outline of the route. Take a virtual tour!

Exit "0" is the Garden State Parkway. The interchange will be a cloverleaf, with 72 continuing as a boulevard to Surf City and Ship Bottom. Because the interchange overlays with the planned interchange, the new freeway will split off directly northwest from it.

Exit 1 is for Whiting Road, which goes to to Berkeley (north) and Washington Twp. (south). Warren Grove Road splits off from here and goes to Ocean Twp. This interchange is a modified four-ramp interchange.

Exit 2 is for NJ 72, though it exits onto Chatsworth Road. This exit will provide access for the town of Woodland. This interchange is a modified four-ramp interchange.

Exit 3 is for NJ 70, a boulevard straight through the Pinelands. Once exiting, one would continue on NJ 70 EB to Camden. This exit is a trumpet.

The only thing left to do is, what to name old route? NJ 172 would fit, but it's taken (Commercial Avenue in New Brunswick). So, it's either x72 (372 sounds good) or NJ 721 (7/21 was when the battle took place). The first is probably best.


I made these signs with Kurumi's Signmaker. Satellite map courtesy Google Maps.