Past Updates


July 16th: a BOATLOAD of updates today. We've got US 46, NJ 208, and the Eisenhower Parkway today, and they're all in the Garden State. Because of family problems, I won't be able to go down to Virginia until Thanksgiving, but it's better than nothing.

June 12th: I added some pictures of PA 611 in Monroe County. Once again, far from NJ, but it's going to get a lot farther once I get to Virginia next Thursday.

June 5th: The new site is up! Woo! No more annoying ads and slow pages. Anyway, I'm probably taking a trip to Lynchburg, VA the last week of June, so I'll be sure to get pictures of the new US 29 bypass (and clinch some routes along the way!). For now, enjoy Roads in NJ.

Memorial Day 2006: Added photos of Orange/Rockland counties from this weekend. Enjoy.

April 1st, 2006: Sorry for being so sluggish on the updates. I put in some more PA photos in East Stroudsburg and the surrounding area. I'm starting to stray more from "NJ" roads. I'm taking a trip to NY next weekend and to AZ in two or three weeks, so... well, I think I'm going to change the title of the website, if this keeps going on. Or maybe I'll follow Gribblenation and the Alpert site and make an imagemap. I'll get back to you on that later. Also, I added a photo essay on the NJ 20/21/US 46/IH 80/GSP interchange in Paterson.